Women of Fire

‘Can anyone in this classroom explain to us the meaning of confidence lest I pinpoint one of you to give me an answer’the teacher said.Everyone was so silent.Maybe they were so scared because it was not their normal class session, there were other teachers who came to bench mark so you and I can only imagine how embarrassed the teacher from the hosting school was.Miranda was so shy but cheeky.She giggled hilariously and unfortunately she aroused the laughter of the sixty five students who were crammed in the classroom notwithstanding the hosting and the visiting teachers alike.

Its clear that even defining confidence is a problem let alone being confident.Some people mistake confidence for arrogance.I will not impose an opinion because confidence is relative therefore different definitions will definitely arise.However,there is a standard for confidence at least from what I have learnt in my two decades of living,I am safe to say that confidence is being fearless and bold.

The laughter was quite a comic relief .One could wonder why the teacher was embarrassed: the simple reason being he attached his confidence to the response of his students before the visiting teachers and he wanted to showcase his prowess and skill and not necessarily to impart knowledge to the students.’Go and do your research and give me an answer in our next class’he said.The bell rang and the students went home cheering Miranda for being the heroine for the day.Being in an African setting,those students would be beaten black and blue if the teachers mood was not elated by her laughter.The beating would occur immediately after the visiting teachers left.

Just like the teacher, people tend to tie their confidence to very shaky grounds.this ranges from their attractive looks.deep pockets,insecurities,affiliations you name it.But what if you got an accident and your beautiful or handsome face suffered permanent scars?what if you go bankrupt (unless you are Isabel Dos Santos) [pun intended]?what if that beautiful girlfriend of yours dumps you for a better boyfriend?what if everyone became perfect and you would have no one to judge thus lack an avenue for channeling your insecurities? Would you still be confident?

Let me save you from further rhetorical questions.I am sure it is quite ironical for me to say that some people garner their confidence straight out of their insecurities.It is so sad that it is more rampant among the ladies than it is among the men .I strongly believe that if women support other women incredible things would happen, very cliche but very true.But just as the wonderful Chimamanda said,girls are taught to compete with each other for the attention of men.This translates to overemphasis on physical beauty and a neglected soul so that if Mercy gets more attention than Diana then Mercy and Diana become outright enemies or subtle frenemies. Frenemies are the worst and that is what is what breaks the girls.Who has more followers on social media platforms,who has the best shoes,who is playing most boys and many more lame parameters accompany these few that I have mentioned.

Our society has very few confident women.This is so true because confident women do not hate.Confident women are not scared to see other women shine and manifest greatness in their own lanes.Confident women do not create whats app groups and discuss the progress of their fellow women with jeering and mockery.Confident women do not let other women dance in their mediocrity and chill in their comfort zones.Confident women do not say how wack your lipstick is and the next thing they are looking for in the stores is the same ‘ poor quality” lipstick not even saving for the color. Confident women do not hate on your man and immediately after you all break up due to other reasons her fervent prayers inclusive,you see them dating.Confident women are not scared of taking you to the nail parlor where her nails were do perfection and gathered attention towards her.Confident women do not thrive in other women’s misfortunes through those poisonous after-office informal meetings graced with evil laughters and ear splitting high fives.Confident women do not necessarily address United Nations summits or host big events because that is all, based on nurture and nature.If not it would be logical to say introverts are not confident but that is not the point.

Confident women want to see other women shine because they are not scared that they shall be outdone,they are happy because they know what it means when we say girl power.Confident women are women of fire.They are the fire itself .They are not jealous.They make jealousy become jealous.They lit each others candles because they know in the end both candles will be lit.Dear men do you know any confident women?

Confident women are odd.That is why they are always number ones.

Are you a confident woman?

7 thoughts on “Women of Fire

  1. confident women rejoice at their collegues appraisal,.. they go for greater things,.. let’s sensitize women empowerment
    nice piece of writing Reggy,..all the best pretty mamie

    Liked by 1 person

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