She was already immersed in their opinions and she could not help it.She ran to validation,suicide,fitting in,acceptance and the list is endless.She sought solace in all the wrong places and she only got worse in the process.She did the worst mistake -slept on herself and dimmed her own light that once shinned brightย  like a strobe light.However,its only reasonable and fair enough to question her decision to sleep on herself.Why did she do it? what went wrong?

The people’s opinions ranged from all the negatives to one or two positives.However,they all rotated around one similar attribute and I am sure you can guess it considering the fact that she sought solace in all the wrong places.

The texts were way too many and the tears in her eyes made the whole situation worse than it was already.’You are so ugly and maybe you should lose your ugly belly fat so that more boys may come your way and ask you out’.That text was the most conspicuous among all the insulting voluminous text messages she encountered that evening.Just to make the insults more meaningful he added ‘your ugly face dotted with black pimples akin to chocolate balls make you look hideous and disgusting.’She sobbed under her breath and her world crushed.Her hope of ever finding love and acceptance had hit the cul-de-sac real hard.Just to console her broken self she tried to insult back with the help of her equally angered friends.They did a good job at abetting and making her know that she was still beautiful anyway.However, she put up a facade just to show her friends that they were her realest supporters in her acceptance journey but deep down she did not absolutely agree with them.

Those events were too much for a lady who put up a strong face and a bold personality yet haboured a sensitive,vulnerable weak girl with myriad insecurities that all summed up to one word -ugly.I bet you can all agree with me that those who seem to be the strongest are the weakest and so when her tears flowed as if they were from a faulty tap her friends were taken aback.She had agreed with the world that she was ugly and not even her own mother could tell her otherwise because once someone tells you a lie constantly it actually starts to manifest as the Gospel truth.Whether you are a fanatic believer of the law of attraction or you do not even know what the law of attraction is ,what you say is what is manifested for sure.

So will the little broken girl dressed in a bold savage lady be saved?


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